Sunday, 11 June 2017

Chaos In The UK

There is no great mystery, so far as I can see, as to why Theresa May and the UK Conservative Party just lost their parliamentary majority in this latest UK general election. Last year she had campaigned for Britain to remain in the European Union, and the loss of her parliamentary majority, whilst an outcome she could not reasonably have been expected to foresee, does make the sort of severance of ties between Britain and the EU that many of us wanted, much more vulnerable to political stitch up, which is precisely how she obtained the position of Tory leader in the first place.

As to her decision to call the snap election in the first place, consider the following question: why was a follow-on election from the referendum necessary to execute the "will of the people"? It wasn't necessary at all. The Conservative Party had a functioning parliamentary majority and they could have got the job done. Ms May's decision to call the snap election was a deliberate attempt to find excuses not to do her job and withdraw Britain from the EU. Had she won an increased majority, she could have turned round and argued that her "hands were tied" and that she had no choice but to follow through with a clean withdrawal of Britain from the EU, and in so doing act against the embedded interests of established political, financial and academic groups. She was looking for a way out and a way to protect herself from later retribution.

I am once again disgusted and enraged that the parliamentary Tory party stitched up their leadership election to exclude Andrea Leadsom for the benefit of that obvious ghoul Theresa May.

Now however, with no clear parliamentary majority for the Tories or for Labour, it's anyone's guess how long a new government will last before another election will have to be called again. And yet the negotiations for Britain's withdrawal from the EU are due to take place in less than two weeks time. Ideally, the British negotiating team should offer certain protections to EU citizens in terms of visas and related matters, but otherwise the basic position should be complete severance with not a toss given for whatever punitive costs the Germans try to impose on the UK.

They should be told to fuck off and do their worst.

With the commies getting over 40% of the electoral vote however, the future is bleak. It is not difficult to predict more violence in the streets of the UK, and not just from Islamic terrorism this time. The Left have to be thoroughly gutted if Britain or even just England, Scotland and Wales are to survive separately with anything like a recognizable culture.

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