Friday, 26 May 2017

Response To The Islamic Terrorist Bombing Of Manchester Arena

The UK is sick; it is a safe haven for radical Islam and, more importantly, its' governing institutions have been infiltrated by the radical political correctness that has now come to typify the political left. Organized political action against the one is hampered by the other's appetite for surveillance and punitive strictures.

I can envisage bypassing the left's presence on university campuses by means of online education to some extent, but I cannot see how their presence in the police and in Parliament can be got around by any means other than a concerted campaign to flush them out. 

An obvious question is whether action on that purpose is a necessary condition for success in preventing Islamic terrorism? Unfortunately, I think the answer is yes. Any attempt to organize will be undermined by the surveillance state the Left have built up. Over the long term, intelligence infiltration of mosques isn't going to work when so-called "radical" Muslims can become "radicalized" online and do not need to go the mosque to become so. Putting British soldiers on the streets of Manchester or any other city is just security theater at best, and at worst makes these soldiers a target for unknown assailants.

Over the long term the political end must be the eradication of Islam from Britain. That doesn't mean forming vigilante groups or rounding up all the Muslims and deporting them to the bottom of the Mediterranean sea, but it does mean a concerted and systematic campaign of administrative, commercial and social discrimination against them in order to make it extremely difficult for Muslims to continue to live in the UK without first publicly renouncing Islam so that they become apostates and have some form of registration. The sociological question is whether large scale apostasy will actually work as a means of reducing or preventing home-grown recruitment for Islamic terrorism. I don't know what the answer to that is, but it is a conceivable course of action for an organized and dominant British political force to take.

However, I doubt that it can be achieved without action to purge our governing institutions of the radical political correctness which the political left has allowed itself to degenerate into. 

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