Friday, 28 July 2017

Miscellaneous Images Over Summer 2017

Over the past two months or so I've done a number of trips, but for several reasons have not got around to writing them up on my blog. I partially rectify that now by posting them here although there is no particular order to them. Most of these trips were in and around Tainan, Kaohsiung and Chiayi although there was also one trip to Taipei in which I discovered that my Taipei motorbike had been stolen. That is a considerable setback which will probably necessitate getting a new one at some point, although the question of how to prevent it being stolen in Taipei city whilst I am in Tainan will need some attention...

Tseng-wen reservoir viewed from the north-west.

My Taiwanese friend Gary, a TSMC engineer, at Qingyun waterfall.

Myself, mid-dive.

Chiayi mountains.

Crested Serpent Eagle.

My mate Syd in my spare boat.

The mid-section of Tseng-wen reservoir before the plum rains.

Namaxia with "Longfong" waterfall.

Syd and I made the climb to Longfong waterfall. It used to be a tourist attraction prior to the 2009 disaster.

Eagles: the lords of the mountains.

Jesus breathing.

The mid-section of Tseng-wen reservoir after the plum rains.

Overlooking the Laonung river valley in Kaohsiung's most remote district...

Looking eastward over the Laonung river to Xiaonienxi (spelling) waterfall.

With girlfriend at the former British Consulate in Sizihuan.

Better than 101? My favourite Taiwan building.

Mountains in Chiayi's Fanlu district.

My favourite waterfall: Qingyun wagterfall.

In a 7-11 in Xindian. Motorbike stolen!

Doughnuts in Banqiao station while waiting for the HSR train back to Tainan. 

Deadlifts: I'm lifting 70kg for several sets on a daily basis. I could probably lift heavier if I went to a gym, but I prefer working out in my garage, the park and at the university.

Fried river crabs in Jiaxian with Syd. Shirtless because it was raining outside and the air conditioner would have had me frozen in my soaked T-shirt.

Kaohsiung harbour. Once upon a time this used to be my city.

Buying mangoes in Tainan's Yujing district. Slightly cheaper than buying them in the city, so buy as many as you can fit in your fridge.

Myself in my preferred element, with my favourite Texas rifle T-shirt.


  1. Great pictures, you had a great time! Lucky you. I can't believe for your moto, Taipei is terrible, pollution, noise, techno zombies everywhere walking with smartphones I can't stand it ..

  2. Several good times! But now it's raining all week because of the typhoons.

    Yes, I don't think I would like to live in Taipei. Hsinchu is OK.

    Hope you are OK Sylvie. I'll try to write more here on the blog these next few months...


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