Saturday, 2 July 2016

Andrea Leadsom

So the British Home Secretary, Theresa May, now has the support of almost 100 Tory MPs, which is depressing given her dire record on civil liberties and her support for the Remain campaign. Gove, Leadsom and Crabb each have something like 20 Tory MPs each, so there is going to have be some consolidation there before the 1922 committee pick the final two candidates to send out for party members to vote on. And apparently the bookies have now put Leadsom in second at 7/2.

What I would like to see happen is Gove, Crabbe and Fox withdraw from the race and offer their support to Leadsom and hope that their supporting Tory MPs likewise commit their support to Leadsom. That would put her on about 60 MPs against May's 100 and there may be a few Boris supporters who will now get in line behind Leadsom too, so she could narrow that margin. At any rate the point is that Theresa May must be stopped and Leadsom is the most likely candidate to do it. With the consolidated support of the other candidates behind her, then Leadsom against May will be the choice offered to the party membership to vote on. At that point I can only hope the Tory membership is still sufficiently "dry" to shudder at the thought of Theresa May becoming PM and vote overwhelmingly for Andrea Leadsom instead. 

Now I don't care about Gove "betraying" the clown Boris Johnson because he should never have been anywhere near a Tory leadership contest in the first place. However, what swings it for me against Gove is the fact that Leadsom launched her own anti-EU campaign organization five years ago. That alone demonstrates tremendous initiative, forethought, preparation and leadership and in particular it means she will have already thought about the related issues to some depth and, hopefully, will already have a post-Brexit strategy in mind worked out to some level of detail.

It's got to be Andrea Leadsom, and Michael Gove, much as I like him, needs to withdraw from the race along with the others and support her in order to get the best possible chance of stopping Theresa May and having a good go at making Britain an example for the rest of the world once more.


Update: somebody else reckons (see comments here) that this was Gove's intention all along in knocking Johnson out of the running; to clear the way for Andrea Leadsom on purpose, as Gove doesn't really want to be PM anyway.

This is probably the first time in my life that I've actually cared about who gets to be Britain's next PM. There is now a golden opportunity to set a brilliant example to the world of real free trade in goods and services. If we are lucky, there might also be an opportunity to disempower (I almost wrote "disembowel"!) the various public bodies, quangos, licensing rackets and possibly even the BBC - the organizations that effectively serve as both personal sinecures and political power sources for members of the morally "progressive" despot class. We can but hope.

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