Tuesday, 12 July 2016

The Fix

Theresa May has become the new Tory leader by default after Andrea Leadsom withdrew her candidacy, and so May will become PM later this week. This is bad news because she is yet another politically correct fascist, and I return to my former state of "let down" regarding British politics. I will be surprised if Britain actually does leave the EU by 2019, and I continue to await further morally righteous backlash by a disaffected public.

The bastards at the Telegraph and elsewhere likely got the fix in on Leadsom. She cannot be excused however; she should have known what she was up against and her advisers should have known too. I expect most Tory members along with plenty of people around Britain and the rest of the world will now be one part furious to one part bitterly disappointed.

This was a rare and brilliant opportunity and it has been surrendered to the endarkenment without a fight.

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