Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Cruelty For Cruelty

"With this amendment, the jail sentence for killing an animal through abuse would increase to no less than two years."
Pan Han-shen (潘翰聲) in the Taipei Times on the struggle for new legislation to protect domestic and stray animals from abuse. Yet there are considerable problems with legislative prescriptions for sentencing as a means of deterrence. I can think of a far more effective deterrant to someone who might try to torture or murder such animals: violent retribution on the streets, whether in broad daylight in full view of the public, or in a dark alley at night.

It is the only immediate deterrant which a responsible pet owner can apply.

If we must insist on the necessity of law being applied to such cases than I would strongly support public beatings as a far superior substitute for expensive jail sentences. Let the bereaved party be the one to wield the whip, and this method of punishment would be that much more satisfactory.

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