Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Immediate Reflections On The U.S. 2016 Elections

My new year's prediction back in January has been proved correct: Donald Trump has become, for better or worse, the new U.S. president. I made that prediction largely on the strength of an observation I made in 2012; his knowledge of what the politically correct media would do to him and his absence of fear in spite of that. Obviously he didn't win the nomination in 2012, and come 2015 he was still treated as a joke, but his often flippant manner and outright defiance of politically correct strictures was a good indication that he'd be able to withstand the inevitable Leftist media onslaught, though I was worried at one point that he might start apologizing.

I am disgusted by the cultural trend of public figures bending before the gaze of the politically correct priesthood and capitulating with public apologies. This must stop if there is to be any erosion of the hysterical identitarian politics the Left has degenerated into.

And that is why my vicarious vote was for Trump - a vote to curtail the insanity of political correctness. The interesting point about his election is not simply what policies he may or may not pursue, but what the sociocultural consequences will be for identitarian politics and political correctness. It could be the beginning of the end, but it is probably too soon to tell. The other motive for my vicarious vote, as a corollary to the first, was that it was a vote against Leftist Field Marshall Der Rodham; she is the embodiment of political correctness as much as she is the embodiment of systemic political, financial and moral corruption.

I strongly suspect President Trump is going to be a disaster in more ways than one, and there must not be allowances made in this regard. However, the prospective destruction of identitarian politics and the possible and long-hoped for dissolution of political correctness is not where the focus of future criticism of the Trump administration belongs.

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