Monday, 2 May 2011

Donald Trump 2012...?

He's at least right about Ron Paul having no chance of getting elected, that's for sure, but what I like about Trump here is that he's not scared. Look at him - he has no fear of the Left - despite knowing what they're going to try to do to him. Under a Trump Presidency, there's no way Taiwan won't get those F-16s from Lockheed and possibly a lot more besides that. Meanwhile, look at how Taiwan's false friends are already trying to smear him. They're the ones who are scared, and that's always gratifying to see.


  1. Nice one from Andrew Klavan:

    He definitely hit a lot of key points that sell, such as fairness, isolationism and respect. I know he's not running and I also know he's a great salesman that knows how to schmooze people who don't agree with him or his business decisions.

    My favorite story about Trump:
    Back when was a website for fair investment advice and openly talked about their investment strategies. They put a short bet on Trump's company. Now once one short comes in, many others start piling on and if the price of the stock falls below a certain level you get delisted from the stock exchange which can cripple your chances of raising funding cheaply. The short sellers also make a lot of free money if you do get delisted. So Trump calls the 2 brothers who own and that had publicly stated their short position and their reasoning behind it which was quite solid. Trump sells them, they come back from the meeting and close their short position. Trump's company stock still falls(I think it went bankrupt) and they are left looking like suckers. That's Donald Trump and that's why he isn't going to be president. Trump has plans with Chinese investors and he needs street cred. He knows how well Kissinger and Nixon made out on their China connections.

    A sucker's born every minute, but swallowers are harder to find.

  2. "Trump has plans with Chinese investors and he needs street cred. He knows how well Kissinger and Nixon made out on their China connections."

    You might be right Okami. We'll find out next month whatever his decision is.

  3. [i]I'm not buying that -Trump's got plenty of each of those already. I'm not entirely convinced he knows what he's doing, but his talk isn't that bad and I admire his going after the birth certificate issue; that takes guts.[/i]

    A few days ago I would argue he’s in it for fame, ego and money; but after what Obama did to him at the White House Correspondents’ dinner. It’s personal for Trump now. He walks away now he looks like a patsy, Trump doesn’t/won’t allow himself to look like a patsy.

    From the other post:
    Oh behave yourself, you don't even throw your weight around at Turton's place.

    I don’t tussle at Turton’s blog because he doesn’t debate, he belittles. A debate for Turton is what beer to drink or which restaurant to go to. Anything real or substantive is dismissed out of hand and the person bringing it up is demeaned, belittled and insulted.

    The point was that you can criticise Geithner's tax evasion without validating the language and premises of the Left.

    Interesting take, but for those who follow, believe in and are held to the rules. It smacks of hypocrisy and a complete ignorance of their lives. Falling afoul of the rules in America can lead you to an everlasting tar baby of a situation. It can literally destroy your life as they freeze your accounts, impound your car, and kick you out of your house. There was a really good reason they reigned in the IRS in the 90’s.

    Sure, but in the U.S. those two policies would be attempts to conserve... a liberal political order. "Conservatism" isn't an ideology - it's a derivative set of attitudes toward an ideology which in the U.S. was liberal in the Lockean or as you so disparagingly put it, the "eurocentric" sense. And look, this is my blog, and it's a small thing I'm asking - call them commies, or socialists, or democrats or whatever else you want, but the next time you call them "liberals" I'm deleting that comment. Verstanden?

    Here’s where you fall for the trap and basically reconfirm the 2 views and how they have diverged due to socio-political-economic systems. It’s like the potato pronunciation thing. Deleting comments because one word bothers you, how very leftist of you.

  4. Are you kidding me? U.S. national debt is pushing $14 f*cking trillion, and the monetary base has been increased by more than U.S.$1 trillion alone. The only way in which the U.S. might possibly be better off than the Europeans is work ethic, and the inertia of what earlier generations achieved. And answer me this - which European country banned alcohol during the 1920s?

    Yes, but we know how much it is and where it is(we think, we should audit the Fed). The same unfortunately can’t be said for the EU. You still have your banks holding what amounts to be junk paper and lots of it. While banning alcohol may of not have been the smartest move, allowing Greece, Italy, Spain and Portugal into the EU monetary system may prove to have been an even worst set of decisions. They should find the person(s) who signed off on Greece’s entrance into the Euro and burn their houses down with them in them.

    Yes, agreed on all points. There are people however, who do talk about cutting back spending but they are marginalized by the political system.

    The EU constitution and rules also hobble any meaningful change. I remember Vaclav mentioning how Czech legislation would balloon up after they added all the EU rules they agreed to when they joined the EU. Once you pay the danegeld, how do you get rid of the Dane?

    Apparently the government under Chen had been trying to do exactly that - but secrecy is extremely expensive and difficult. And if you do it openly, you invite pre-emptive strikes before you're even half-way finished.

    I’m actually impressed they tried. Cruise missiles aren’t easy nor cheap to make and require a high level of technical expertise that Taiwan could muster.

    Nathan... the U.S. Libertarian party is a joke, always has been, always will be and there's nothing they can ever do about that.

    The problem with libertarians is if you scratch one you get a crank, socialist, anarchist or some combination thereof. They very rarely enter the debate in a way that gets them noticed. While no one would go for privatizing the judiciary or police force, they could easily be led to a position to privatize the fire dept. Ron Paul talks about the Fed and gold, which makes most people tune out rather than what we have lost as freedoms in the US. I’m not sure if it’s due to him or the media. I know I couldn’t be bothered to look at after they kept harping on Bush and loving on Obama. I blame it on seeing what they want to see and having no knowledge of Illinois political culture. While I hated Bush’s compassionate conservative of expanding entitlements and further federalizing of the US educational system, I did recognize him as the lesser of 2 evils.

  5. "Deleting comments because one word bothers you, how very leftist of you.

    But you know why it bothers me, and you know why it matters and you know this because I have already explained it to you. Socialists will not be called "liberals" here at my place - the corruption of words validates the corruption of thought - and I will not have that endorsed on my blog. Call them "democrats" or "socialists" or something else.

    "The EU constitution and rules also hobble any meaningful change."

    Agreed. I'm pro-European, but not in the sense of endorsing the EU super-state.

    "The problem with libertarians is if you scratch one you get a crank, socialist, anarchist or some combination thereof."

    Oh? And what do you get when you scratch a conservative, if not a proper Liberal?

    As for cranks - was Frederic Bastiat a crank? Was Lysander Spooner a crank? Ludwig Von Mises? Even someone like Hayek went so far as to advocate not merely a gold-exchange standard but the full-on denationalization of currency. Throwing smears like "crank" around is Turton's tactic and it can be applied to anyone whose analysis is simply unusual, and quite irrespective of the logical or empirical merits of their analysis.

    "I know I couldn’t be bothered to look at after they kept harping on Bush and loving on Obama."

    The folks at Mises supported Obama?! Uber-bailout Obama? I've never seen that, although I only use Mises for the occassional references.

  6. I think Trump is like Palin in that he knows how to find emotional issues and exploit them for personal attention. I also think he likes to say shocking things because he knows he'll get a reaction. Guys like Trump rely on volume instead of logic. The American media will tire of him as they did of Palin. Soon enough they'll find a new toy with which to irritate us. As far as going after Obama on his place of birth, I think it's all nonsense. You can say I'm playing the race card, but I really don't believe a white president would ever have put up with this. Why do Americans (I'm American) waste so much time/breath on these meaningless issues? This is the first time I've ever posted on someone's blog, so apolgies if I've breached any etiquette.

  7. Sorry...that should have said "have had to put up with this."

  8. Vincent: I agree that place of birth ought not to be a substantive issue per se - it was a desperate attempt by the Right to find a way of preventing Barack Obama from taking office, not because where he was born particularly matters much in and of itself, but because Obama is ideologically on the far Left and the Right (correctly) feared what he would do to the U.S.

    I myself dismissed the "birthers" back in 2008, but having watched those interviews with Donald Trump yesterday, I'm reminded of President Clinton's Lewinsky affair: it wasn't that he got a blowjob from one of the interns, it was that he publicly lied about it later on. Still, that the Republicans brought up the Lewinsky thing was only because they didn't have the balls to go after the Vince Foster case. That was the real, enduring disgrace - I can't even watch Clinton in interviews now without getting the creeps.

    Apparently President Obama has issued a certificate of live birth from the State of Hawaii, which actually can be issued to the parents of a child who was born outside the State - so long as they were legally residents of the State at the time of the child's birth. Personally, I don't care where Barack Obama was born, what I care about is what he is doing to the U.S. economy and U.S. power projection around the world, especially as regards the PRC. Trump keeps talking about those issues in (very) broad terms, but he at least does so without fear of what the Left are going to do to him. That might be because he's just pulling a fast one as Okami insinuated, but it might just be because he really will try to run for President. At any rate, we'll find out next month.


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