Friday, 16 September 2016

Typhoon Meranti

After typhoon Meranti passed through on Wednesday, I ventured out to the park yesterday morning and this is what I saw...

The rain hadn't been that bad actually, at least compared to the previous Tuesday, but it was still enough to flood the depressed areas of ground and bits of pavement.
The first of several uprooted trees.
Snapped and broken branches everywhere.
Snapped in two.
The big one: this is one of the park's largest rubber trees completely uprooted.
Coco sniffing around the debris of the massive tree.
The same rubber tree shot from a bit further back to put it into context.
The field at the back of the park got off relatively lightly, with only one uprooted tree, though this one was already bent out of shape and standing at an awkward angle even before the typhoon hit. 
The damage at Xiadong road park was comparatively mild consisting mostly of fallen palm branches, which is normal.
There was only this pair of uprooted trees.

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