Sunday, 18 September 2016

Saturday Trip To Chiayi & Renyitan Reservoir

Westward panorama shot overlooking Renyitan reservoir from the east.
Yesterday I drove up late in the afternoon to Chiayi city and on to Renyitan reservoir. I expected the management staff to have the long weekend off, but I wanted to try once more to see if I could find any other evidence of a water course leaving the west side of Renyitan to run north-west toward Lantan.

Once again, I didn't find a thing.

For some time now I have harboured the suspicion that this conduit may have been destroyed to make way for the stretch of National Freeway Number 3 which runs between the two reservoirs. If that is the case then it would follow that Lantan is now fed purely by direct rainfall on its' surface, though I can't quite bring myself to believe this simply because I've never seen it dry.

I took a few pictures whilst I was there, and then drove back to Tainan city.

Looking eastward from the west end of the dam over the water quality monitoring station.
The first of several shots looking eastward toward the mountains of Alishan district. I had wanted to stitch these into a panorama, but for some reason neither of the two programs I use could do it.
Looking toward the upstream face of the Renyitan dam with the mountains in the background.
The pylon standing in the water, with the parking area off to the right.
The dam at its' highest point with tourists ambling along the top and flying kites.
Wide-angle context shot.
The barrier between the reservoir and the feeder stream with water flowing over the top.
Looking westward back toward the main tourist corner of the reservoir.
I took a series of these shots and again, neither of the two programs I use could stitch them together into a panorama shot, which is a shame.
The water quality monitoring station is just visible in the center right of this image, with bits of the south side of Chiayi city in the background.
Looking toward the trees on the north western side which hide two corridors of water, one of which contains the portcullis gate for the feeder conduit to Lantan reservoir.

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