Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Animal Welfare Legislation IS NOT The Objective

My comment on this story at The News Lens International about the poisoning of stray dogs in China...
"Animal protection laws are, at best, a small part of a more general cultural change that is needed to end cruelty to pets. The objective is not to pass a law, the objective is to stop people from torturing, neglecting, abandoning, poisoning and murdering domestic animals and to that end there are rougher and readier routes to justice than animal welfare legislation, which is, in the last analysis, an expropriation of the pet owner's protective responsibilities toward his or her pets.  
In the last two years two of my dogs were poisoned by an old man at the park - one of them survived. Curiously however, that old man hasn't been seen back at the park since then. Rumour has it he dare not show his face again."

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