Monday, 12 September 2016

The New Trans-Basin Diversion Tunnel (跨流域引水隧洞) To Feed Wushantou Reservoir (烏山頭水庫) From The Tseng-wen River (曾文河)

Some photos from yesterday...

Photographed from an overlooking hillside to the north; the construction site for the western end of the new tunnel lies just a few meters downstream from Yoichi Hatta's original, which I was fortunate enough to have visited by raft two years ago long before the current project began. Unfortunately, the original tunnel's west mouth is out of shot off to the left and I was unable to find a vantage point from which I could capture it from the hillsides.
Plan of the new tunnel (bottom line) in comparison with the original tunnel (top, straight line). The intake will be on the east side (right) and the exit point - "west mouth" - as the original was called, is on the west side (left).
A somewhat closer shot of the site and the equipment.
The two ventilation pipes; the upper one for ensuring the oxygen supply within the tunnel, and the lower one for removing exhaust gases and dust from the drilling within.
Slogans: "safety first" and "environmental protection".
Truck with drilling arm and crow's nest attachments.
On-site offices made from two shipping containers.
Until the weather clears up (there's another typhoon coming and Taipei is forecast for rain yet again this week), I might delay the next Taipei trip yet again. I had booked a tour of Feitsui reservoir this month, but the administration authority had to postpone it due to unforeseen maintenance work. At this rate, I won't get back up to Taipei until October...

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