Thursday, 29 August 2013

Late August Rain

An hour or so ago, the rain finally stopped and I went up to the little shop at the top of the road to buy some dog food. Until then it has rained almost non-stop all day, with much of that rain torrential.

Work was cancelled today and when I finally resigned myself to taking the dogs out to the little park this afternoon, half of it had been turned into a pond.

If I can get up early tommorow morning, I might drive up to have a look at how swollen the Tseng-wen river has become, and then maybe even go look at Wushantou reservoir. What I need now are plastic bags to cover my camera and lens...

Later (Friday morning)...

Here are a couple of shots I took of the little river whose course forms the boundary between Xinhua and Yongkang districts...

In that first shot above, the HSR line is visible in the background; behind that the plains stretch out through Guiren and Guanmiao districts to the south-east. In the second shot below, the Yongkang waste incinerator is visible on the horizon; it burns trash to produce electricity, and to make it seem more "environmentally friendly", they painted the chimney blue with rainbows and butterflies. I've been meaning to visit it, but just haven't got around to it yet...

Both districts, but particularly Xinhua, are prone to flooding during typhoon rains, though this morning I found the roads to have been well drained and perfectly navigable. The real damage is going to be well out in the eastern districts Nanhua, Yujing, Nanxi, Dongshan and Baihe. I'd like to head out there right now, but I'm needed elsewhere soon.

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