Saturday, 31 August 2013

Third Day Straight Of Torrential Rain

It has rained all day today too, with only brief scattered intervals. Earlier tonight I drove down to Xinshih district for work-related reasons and then quickly on through Sanhua district to take a look at what is perhaps best described as the midstream point of the Tseng-wen river, west of the Tseng-wen dam. During the dry season, this section of the river is about three or four meters wide and maybe a meter or two deep; right now it is about half a kilometer wide and the surface of the river is now only five or six meters below the bridge (so the river must now be something like seven to eight meters deep). I didn't take the camera and tripod with me as I hadn't planned on going down for a look and didn't think I'd have time.

The obvious worry is that the rain from typhoon Kong-rey is comparable to the rain from typhoon Morakot in 2009. Tommorow morning I'm going to try driving out to Nanhua reservoir to see what the flooding in the spillway channel is like; I might also try to take a look at Tseng-wen reservoir. There are one or two sections of highway 20 in Zuohzen district that might be flooded, so I'm not even sure if the road will still be open. If I do make it to Nanhua reservoir tommorow, there's no way I'm even going to try going up north-eastward into Kaohsiung county - I would think most of the roads on the precipitous mountainsides up there are going to be little more than dodgy dirt-tracks now.

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