Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Insufficient Clearance?

I took the following snaps on my way out of Tainan city northward along Highway 1 this morning; the new road being built that will leap over Highway 1 appears to have very little clearance, which might be a problem given that the railway line adjacent to Highway 1 has recently been elevated. It's difficult to judge visually but it looks like they'll only have a few feet of clearance from the railway's overhead electric cables. The first shot shows where the trees have been cut away to make room...

In this second shot below, the gap in the trees is also apparent (I'm standing at the northern edge of that gap) and yet the trees were lower than the electric cables for the newly elevated railway line...

I keep thinking there must be something I'm missing as I'm not an engineer and therefore likely to be ignorant of something or other, but it really does look a bit dodgy...

This last shot, taken on the way back home this afternoon, is from the site of the former railway crossing and shows the road construction reaching across to the railway in the distance. It's dead on; I'll be very surprised if they end up with a clearance value of even just one meter...

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