Thursday, 25 July 2013

Observing The Limits & Specifics Of Knowledge

"I actually met Hayek a few times, when I worked in the Alternative Bookshop. We sold lots of his works, and had him there for book signings and such."

"Built into his entire way of thinking is that knowledge is dispersed throughout society, and this isn’t just a geographical thing. He had immense respect for workers of all kinds, and for the different kinds of knowledge they acquired about how they did their work. Even booksellers! He was always very polite and respectful to others about the work they did, and would sometimes cross-examine them about it, often to their considerable surprise."
Brian Micklethwait comments about having met Hayek in a post quoting Hayek himself denouncing the presumptuous and unwarranted attribution of authority to experts who may comment on subjects outside their limited field of expertise.

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