Saturday, 27 July 2013

The Cost Of Absent Defiance?

"The forensic report, which was requested by the prosecutors' office, indicates that Hung had undergone extensive drills to the point of exhaustion, which caused hyperthermia and organ failure."
They must have sweat Hung out under the sun for hours, without either water or shade to get him to that point, jesus christ: organ failure. I only wonder whether at any point Hung refused his superior's commands; I can too easily imagine a young Taiwanese corporal doing what he is told to do on fear of further punishment. When Michael Turton wrote earlier about this being a case of "chickenshit", I commented that the proper response is to tell the presumptive authorities - to fuck off. In exactly that choice of "bad" language, and no other - because that is the correct language with which to address those corrupted by power. What would have happened to Hung if he had taken that option? If he had told his superior officers - messers Yang Fang-han (楊方漢) and Chen Yi-ming (陳毅銘) - to "fuck off", then surely they would have had no other option but to beat him, either into unconsciousness and serious injury, or unto death whereupon they would have to be tried for manslaughter or murder, rather than the "inappropriate discipline" bullshit that the military has announced.

Although the two senior officers involved - Yang and Chen - have been transferred to Army HQ, if the medical and forensic facts are to be given credence over and above the obvious institutional bias of the military, then the officers involved should be facing criminal charges, and possible prison sentences if found guilty.

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