Thursday, 25 July 2013

Some More Shots Of Tainan City

Another shot from highway 17 taken yesterday afternoon - from the right hand side of the road. The curvature of the road is pretty good in this one too, but the crane to the left blocks the view of the Shangri La hotel building behind the train station. The crane is there for the construction of a new road which cuts across highway 17 and runs down through what is currently fallow land to the west, but what developments that new road is going to serve I don't yet know. Here is another shot taken from the westward end of that new road (i.e. west of the highway) looking towards the Shangri La hotel tower.

The building in the centre-foreground is a temple; it is not uncommon to find such large Buddhist temples throughout the countryside and outskirts of cities where land is comparatively cheaper. Although Taoism is the more popular religion in Taiwan by far owing to its' "folk" status, the Buddhist temples almost always dwarf the Tao temples in size and facilities. The two large box-like buildings off to the right of the image are apartment buildings just off Huwei road, which leads through the city's motel-district toward Tainan's largest nightmarket and, before that, to Costco, the famous U.S. wholesale store.

And this is a shot taken just after sunset sometime in June last year from the balcony of my previous apartment. The large tower with the sunset slicing its' side open is occupied by the large banks and insurance companies, whilst the set of three, pointed-rooftop buildings to its right are high-end residential complexes. In the foreground is the almost shanty-town like, ramshackle collection of old houses with illegal rooftops - these are the kinds of houses that the majority of people live in up and down the country.

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