Sunday, 16 December 2012

Connecticut Evil

In response to the recent Connecticut madness, and the predictable calls for stricter gun-control laws, I quote myself, from just over a year ago, arguing against some "scarlet conservative" here...
You cannot make sense of any data without principles with which to interpret and understand the meaning of such data. The contention here is over which principles are correct, mine or yours...

That is not the fight which certain people on the Left want to have; they would much prefer to present such cases in all their emotional valence, as if these horrible facts alone speak directly to which values are necessary for all.

Who would understand, from exposure of the interceding premises between those horrible facts and the "obvious" conclusions the Left wish to impose upon everyone, the difference between a society and a hive?

*     *     *

On the actual crime itself...

I used the term "madness" instinctively, and it is common to refer to perpetrators of heinous crimes like this as "madmen" or "maniacs" or as "insane", which are derivations from the more basic concept of "error". But I was struck by the use of the words "Boogeyman" and "evil" in the comments thread at Richard Fernandez' blog. That's a different concept. As commenter AfghanVet (#29) says... 
"I served 25 years as a Pa. State Police Trooper.When I first started, an older trooper said every so often you will see true evil on this job. While I saw evil frequently, true evil was different. You can look into the perps eyes and nothing is staring back, snake eyes. Cold, remorseless evil. You may see it only 10 times in your career, but you know it when you see it. Every fiber of your being knows you are in the presence of satan."

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