Tuesday, 30 October 2012

"Wild Boar Lake" (野豬湖)

This is not a great picture, but it is a picture of what is apparently a place formerly known as "wild boar lake" in the Neimen district (內門) of Kaohsiung. In saying "formerly known as", I don't mean that the place is now known by a different name (although it may be) but rather that it seems to be an abandoned, forgotten place.

It is mentioned in several obscure articles in connection with the source of the Erjhen river. It is not the source of that river (as I hope the picture at least indicates, the "lake" itself is nothing more than a heavily eutrophic, still-water pond), but it is quite close to that source.

I had been looking for the recently constructed (i.e. 2006) underground diversion channel that feeds water into the back of Agongdian reservoir in Gangshan. According to the map I had, the diversion channel seemed to originate from a tributary to the Cishan river but on arriving there last week, I found that this isn't so. The channel actually diverts water from the Erjhen river at its source a few hundred meters away from the "lake".

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