Saturday, 27 October 2012

Dog Following Me Across Aqueduct In Cishan (磁山)

He stopped halfway across and seemed to decide that, with me safely on the other side of the aqueduct (moments earlier I had been on his side snooping around), he no longer needed to pretend to chase me. If that had been one of my dogs daring to cross a 50 foot high aqueduct, I'd have gone into a zen-like state of panic-calm until I had him safely off the bloody thing.

I should have remembered to bring some dog chews with me.

That aqueduct straddles a major tributary to the Cishan river (磁山 - which is itself a tributary to the Kaoping river, 高屏溪) just before the Cishan river passes through the town of Cishan itself. Here is an image taken from the other side of the aqueduct (note the four rounded concrete foundations below - the aqueduct doubles as a bridge, with the water running inside it)...

That aqueduct appears on google earth as this...

... toward the rightward end of the aqueduct in that image, just beyond the small copse of trees, is the irrigation channel featured in the previous post. The channel is carrying water from the Cishan river itself over, via the aqueduct, one of the river's own tributaries.

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