Thursday, 24 May 2012

Bridge Over The Kaoping River

I made the most of the good weather earlier this week; drove out to Tseng-wen reservoir to take the remaining pictures I needed and yesterday I was up at 3.30am to get ready for the long drive south (just over 100km as the crow flies) to the peninsula to photograph Mudan reservoir (牡丹水庫). Although the weather has been good today too, I was too tired this morning to get up early enough to get up to Chiayi - so that will have to wait until Sunday. Tommorow morning I have to go for an interview, and on Saturday I've agreed to accompany a friend on her mission to buy a new scooter.

The picture above was taken on yesterday morning's trip down south and shows part of the bridge from Kaohsiung to Pingtung which crosses over the Kaoping river (高屏溪) after which "Kaohsiung" () is named. I left Tainan at about 4.30am and stopped in Kaohsiung for breakfast, so I think this was probably taken sometime between 6am and 6.30am. That was the first time I had driven south of Kaohsiung in maybe a year or more - I'd like to get down to the peninsula more often, but the priority this summer and fall will have to be to go north now that I've visited all of the southern reservoirs.

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