Monday, 21 May 2012

CH-47D & Craig Gordon

These two pictures were taken on Thursday I think, but I can't decide which of the two I like better; the foreground building clutter in the first one is good, but the Chinook is rendered a bit clearer in the second one, even without zoom. Maybe the first one.

Meanwhile, on a totally unrelated subject (I don't normally post on football topics), there's one thing I want noted for memory; forget about Chelsea winning the CL last night, or Man City winning the Prem - Sunderland released  Scottish goalkeeper Craig Gordon from his contract, apparently because he was knackered through repeated injuries and was on a high wage even though he couldn't play. It's a bit of a shame because he was a very good keeper (as this save illustrates) and his release probably means his top-flight career is over now - no top club is going to take him with his injury record, so he'll likely wind up in the lower divisions or back in Scotland for a couple of years. I can remember watching him against Tottenham and Man City when he single-handedly kept Sunderland in the game time after time.

Top lad.

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