Friday, 25 May 2012

All Questions Answered

I struggled to get the birds in focus this week - this is a Black Kite checking me and the dog out at Mudan Reservoir on Wednesday morning sometime after 9am.
I'm tired and sunburned, but quite pleased with myself today. After the interview this morning I drove straight up to Chiayi to solve that little problem I was working on, but I forgot to take the sunblock with me. Red as a lobster.

Anyway, I found the old water intake for Lantan reservoir which has long since been demolished and the hillside blocked up with concrete wave breakers (and possibly explosives). I also got all of the photos I was after except for one (the feed pipe to Lantan reservoir), which was both the most difficult and the least important - so I let it go.

So a good day today; that's all of the photography for the southern reservoirs finished now (well... I might go back to retake a few shots now and then). Once the Tseng-wen reservoir essay is finished off now that I have the extra pictures, I only have to write up the last three (and one of which I've already started) - the two in Chiayi and Mudan in Pingtung.


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