Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Passing Flashes...

"Of course, in Krugman's world the "hate" blooms unbidden from the thin earth of right wing rhetoric solely, and owes nothing to the vast array of government plow/planters ripping ever more relentlessly across the land, destroying real peoples' freedom and wealth indiscriminately. No, people should be thankful for that. In Krugman's world."
That's Mike Soja having done the work before I even picked up my keyboard. I am reminded of this song, by a man who comes from just south of me, which was the song that made me buy my first ever CD at the age of eleven...

"And the perverted fear of violence, chokes a smile on every face.
And common sense is ringing - out the bells.
This ain't no technological breakdown.
Oh no..."

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