Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Huge Story To Non-Story?

"It is much like the person who crashed an aircraft into a tax H.Q. building in Texas last year.

The left raised the cry that he was a follower of Glenn Beck (and so on) - then it turned out the man was a Communist.

And suddenly the whole thing (which had been a huge story) was a nonstory - all media outlets stopped covering the story at once.

It was disturbing to see how the whole MSM just changed cause in midstream - huge story becomes non story."
Paul Marks in comment 27 to this excellent post by Natalie Solent on the Left's duplicitous attitude toward events such as the Gifford shooting. Note also this revelation from Tweets by former classmate Caitie Parker that Loughner was, apparently, left wing.

See also Mike Soja, who has a great post up summarizing some of the predictable left-wing bullshit.

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