Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Another Attack On Freedom Of Speech...

"FBI Director Robert Mueller cautioned public officials to be on alert, but said there was no information to suggest a further specific threat.

Mueller said “hate speech and other inciteful speech” presented a challenge to law enforcement officials, especially when it resulted in “lone wolves” undertaking attacks.

“When the rhetoric about hatred, about mistrust of government, about paranoia of how government operates, and to try to inflame the public on a daily basis, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, has [an] impact on people, especially who are unbalanced personalities to begin with,” said Clarence Dupnik, the sheriff of Pima County where the shootings occurred."
Aside from the apparent inability, either of the Reuters reporters, Taipei Times staff, or Mr Dupnik himself to construct a grammatically coherent sentence, the claim that "hate speech results in attacks" is, again, absurd and therefore written in either dishonesty or stupidity. What is particularly despicable here is this notion of "hate speech" - it amounts essentially to the political persecution by presumptive "authorities" of a class of emotion in reaction to the category of government action. It is nothing but yet another poisonous excuse for the encroachment of government upon the right of free speech.

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