Sunday, 22 January 2017

Third Trip To Neipuzih Reservoir (內埔子水庫)

Yesterday afternoon I drove back up to Chiayi's Minxiong township to get better photographs of Neipuzih reservoir. As so often on Taiwanese winter days, the morning began cold, grey and overcast only to brighten up late in the afternoon - having correctly predicted this, I arrived on the hill overlooking the north end of the reservoir at just before 4pm...

A better shot than last time; this is one of the best views you could possibly hope for. I think the only thing that would top this would be either a 6am sunrise shot or an aerial image taken with a UAV.
The same shot closer in and minus the horizon.
On the reservoir's western bank looking northward to the hilltop from where I had taken the two shots above; right in front of that little red brick hut surrounded by betel nut trees.
From the west bank of the reservoir looking through the reeds toward the dam and intake tower.
Profile view of the dam west of the spillway; much of the foreground is in shade due to the hill behind me.
The view eastward from the south-west corner. If you look very closely, you can see the mountains of Alishan district as faint blue shapes just behind the line of betel nut trees.
The open-overflow spillway head, which gradually narrows into a channel about five feet across. 
The downstream face of the dam; the road has been resurfaced and repaired and the grasses and undergrowth have been cut and trimmed considerably since my first visit in September 2014.
Panorama shot overlooking the south end of the reservoir. I had to use a certain amount of lens distortion to compensate for the error margin in the stitching.
Neipuzih reservoir was built by the Japanese around the same time (1940-1942) as they built the larger Lantan reservoir (蘭潭水庫) in Chiayi city, and is one of six reservoirs completed by the Japanese in Taiwan before the end of the second world war.

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