Wednesday, 25 January 2017

The Violent Left

If I remember correctly, there were no anti-Obama protests on his inauguration. In fact, I had to silently endure the most cringeworthy, presumptuous and bombastic celebrations from co-workers when Obama was first elected President in November 2008. Some immediate thoughts...

1) These Leftist protesters are actually protesting the outcome of a free election. Moreover, I am not sure whether they really do not understand or are simply pretending to not understand the reasons for the electoral college system. I am increasingly of the opinion that they are disingenuous.

2) Why is it always Starbucks that get their windows smashed? As far I can tell, Starbucks is run by Leftists for other Leftists (e.g. their recent "no Christmas" nonsense), so why do Leftists always insist on smashing it up? And wouldn't it be cheaper for Starbucks to simply install metal rolling doors rather than replacing plate glass windows every time the Leftists lose an election?

3) Lauren Southern clearly means "chaos" but uses the word "anarchy" instead, which is akin to calling American socialists "liberals"; it's an unnecessary error which is peculiarly American and which always rubs me the wrong way.

A final thought: I am increasingly of the opinion that aggressive violence is the defining characteristic of the Left, despite all their bullshit about "peace" and "love". Remember their stained glass window.

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