Wednesday, 28 December 2016

"Can't Stay Blues"

When I came downstairs this morning, Black & White was sneezing and acting as though she had something stuck in her throat and nose. She vomited fluid. After walking all of the dogs, I took her to the vet to check for canine distemper just in case (her vaccine was last January), but the test was negative. She probably just has a cold.

The temperature outside has occasionally dropped to as low as 9℃ during the evening so now and again I switch the heater on for half an hour or so. The leather gloves are out when driving the motorbike, and I'm wearing the big, green jacket again with a little one underneath.

I also received some bad news. Apparently, the Tainan city government has been planning to sell the large field at the back of the park behind my house for some time and within the next few years it will be converted into an "Innovative Integrated Traffic Transfer Station" (which is government parseltongue for a carpark, a bus station and some shops). This field is the one remaining large open green space in the city's north district. About five years ago there were two such spaces; this one and another large green open space in Xiaodong road park. However, the Tainan city government ordered that it be concreted over to build a children's skating rink.

When this last green field is gone, I will have nowhere to walk my dogs off the lead and let them run around. I have a rental contract for another year, but perhaps it is time to think about moving to another area of Tainan within the next few years.

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  1. it is sad, you are right! I don't know much about Tainan but I am sure you can find something else in the countryside, but it takes time to find something nice here with green around. They have to put concrete everywhere, that is crazy!


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