Tuesday, 1 November 2016

No: It Is Clinton Who Has Surely Lost Now

It now seems impossible to foresee any other outcome in the U.S. presidential election than a Trump win, despite my earlier doubts a few weeks ago. Seemingly every day there is a new aspect of scandal surfacing about Hillary Clinton, and alongside the proliferation of Youtube reporters, the mainstream media is finally covering it, even CNN.

The list of actual felonies for which she could be prosecuted is simply astonishing, and that is just in reference to the ballooning email scandal let alone all the other murky affairs she has been involved in over the decades. Rudy Giuliani is surely correct about the reasons for the FBI to reopen their investigation.

The more interesting question now is not whether Clinton will lose the election - she surely will - but whether she will finally be convicted by a grand jury at some point in the next year. If it does come to that, I suspect her health will give out on her before justice can be done, which will be a cruel denial to the families of all those people whose deaths she has been partly responsible for over the years.

On the face of it, it is simply astonishing that a creature like her could have survived in the public spotlight for so long, cloaked only in a thin garment of politically correctness and lies. This testifies not only to the corruption of much of the media, but also to the corruption of the institutions of government and very likely a large number of senior Republican and Democrat politicians over the years. Whilst not all of the various accusations against Clinton will be true, there are very likely several big ones that are true, but which have been whitewashed several times over already. It would be gratifying to see at least two of those cases raised from the past and reopened.

Yet perhaps the more interesting, and more important question, is what a Clinton defeat and her possible conviction will mean for U.S. culture. In particular, the question of whether the Left will, at some point, abandon political correctness as their chief operating tactic. It is in no small measure that Trump's popularity arises from his flippancy and his dismissal of the various politically incorrect charges laid against him. Political correctness was an intimidation tactic that only worked against those who allowed themselves to be intimidated by it. What this might mean for the entire industry of "journalism" along with swathes of academia remains to be seen.


  1. As an American who does not and will not vote, I can only say this: Never underestimate the stupidity of the American electorate.

  2. I would simply like to see Rodham get sent down in court in my lifetime.


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