Thursday, 3 November 2016

Midweek Morning Visit To Tseng-wen Reservoir (曾文水庫)

Yesterday morning I got up at 5am for an early morning drive out to Tseng-wen reservoir to meet an engineer for the Southern Region Water Resources Bureau. I arrived at 7.30am and wandered around the dam and its' immediate environment taking pictures in the time before the office staff would arrive...

At the spillway shelf.
Looking out toward the mountains.
The same view but taken from a higher elevation; the fourth level of the first hill on the "Brave Man Hike".
The view south overlooking the upstream face of the dam and the spillway shelf.
The same view closer up.
Another view out east over the front of the reservoir.
On the fourth level of the first hill overlooking the reservoir; the road behind me is a second access road down to the water in a quiet corner of the reservoir where the dredging facilities are currently parked. The trees lining this road are home to a number of monkeys.
Panorama shot looking north-westward to the dam.
Close up on the upstream construction site for the new sluiceway. The "elephant nose" pipe is finished but cannot be installed until the water level is drawn down, possibly as early as March or April next year depending on the weather.
It was a good meeting with one potentially useful result for the future in that I now have the correct format for written requests to submit to the Bureau for information. I'll be making good use of that.

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