Sunday, 9 October 2016

Yet Another Cancelled Trip

It's Sunday and it's raining - just like it was yesterday and will be again tommorow. The weather forecast earlier this week has proved to be wrong once again; the prediction was for clouds and sunshine, but the reality is yet more rain, rain all over the island. So once again I have the frustration of cancelling yet another planned trip up to Taipei, and it is now more than two months since I was last there. I am now eager for the winter to come and bring the cold, dry air and then I might be able to get something done. I am also especially eager for the rain to disappear this month due to my postponed tour of Feitsui reservoir from last month.

Now I could have made the trip today, and I have made reservoir trips in the rain before and I have all the gear to do it with. But 1) the weather precludes the specific kind of pictures I want, 2) I'm just sick and tired of the bloody rain.

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