Monday, 10 October 2016

"Yeah - Because You'd Be In Jail..."

I haven't watched either of the two presidential debates, but this bit was amusing: there is no doubt in my mind that Der Rodham really should be in jail...

Later: Having watched that second debate in full late last night, I was unsurprised but nonetheless disgusted at the blatant bias of the two moderators, particularly Martha Raddatz. I counted four instances of this bias: first, when audience applause for Trump's comments was twice met with admonishment from the moderators and yet audience applause for a remark by Der Rodham went entirely unchecked and unremarked upon; second, when moderator Raddatz actually began debating Trump herself seemingly on Der Rodham's behalf, in contravention of her function as a time-keeping moderator; and third, when the audience asked their questions, it was clear that whilst one or two may have been characterized as "neutral", several were on politically correct premises intended to be favourable to Der Rodham whilst not a single audience question was on a subject that would favour Trump.

This is what they don't understand: there are going to be large numbers of people who consider some of Trump's policy ideas (e.g. trade protectionism) to be crazy, but will enthusiastically vote for him anyway due to simple moral outrage at the mendacious, corrupt, degeneration of the the political-media-academia complex. Here is another example of that, in today's Taipei Times.

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