Wednesday, 19 October 2016


I'd like to have written a few more blog posts recently but I just haven't. The upcoming U.S. election remains as equally appallingly horrific as it is a fascinating distraction. It was raining again in Taipei and Keelung last weekend so again I didn't go, though I will have no choice but to go this weekend irrespective of the weather. I did however get out into the sticks on Saturday afternoon for a few hours but without aim beyond chilling out and watching the Kites...

I am planning six new trips for the end of this month and hopefully at various point during next month; two to Feitsui reservoir in Taipei; two to Xingshan reservoir in Keelung and two down south to Kaohsiung. In addition I am even considering a return to Mudan reservoir in Pingtung, though the length of the drive there and back again in a single day is, as ever, a mental challenge to be taken seriously.

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