Saturday, 3 September 2016

Late Afternoon Visit To Jingmian Reservoir (鏡面水庫)

I allowed myself a long sleep this morning, and spent most of the day reading one of David Zetland's books. There has been a bit of rain this week, and the weekend forecast was similarly wet which meant putting off the next trip to Taipei yet again. Hopefully, the sunshine returns for next weekend. In the meantime, I had thought I might have a quick drive out to Namaxia to observe the reshaping of the river bed, but I left too late and instead, followed provincial highway three rather than twenty at the Beiliao fork. I hadn't been to Jingmian reservoir for some time, and it occurred to me that I had yet to see its' spillway in action, so off I went...

Myself in front of the spillway at Jingmian reservoir; the recent rain this week meant that the spillway would be in action.
The view in context - there is a path leading up to the dam on the far right, and to the left is a water pressurizing facility.
The unusual winch design for the spillway gate.
The water also flows out of the spillway from an aperture at its' midway point.
Sunset over the banana trees at the back of one of Taiwan's smallest reservoirs.

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