Friday, 8 July 2016

Typhoon Nepartak

It's now just gone noon on Friday and the worst of Nepartak has already passed. From about six or seven this morning, the howling winds woke me and the dogs up. Now however, although it is still very windy and noisy outside, it is mostly just rain; the eye has passed and we are now experiencing the wake, albeit still a very rough one. Hopefully, the wake will be gone by tonight or tomorrow and we'll learn what the damage is. Normally my dogs would be desperate to go outside for a walk by now, but so far none of them seem to be remotely interested in the prospect of going outside.

And the news in England is good; Andrea Leadsom has, at the expense of Michael Gove, made it onto the two-candidate ballot to be put to Tory members. Hopefully, the party members' vote will overwhelmingly favour Leadsom rather than May in contrast to the MPs' vote.

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