Thursday, 7 July 2016

"One Of The Very First"

"So I plan to continue to build on the good work that George Osborne has done in reducing the deficit; we have to get our house in order. The Chancellor's sound northern powerhouse project needs to be supercharged and I will not forget that Sunderland was one of the very first to make very clear last Friday morning their desire for change."
- Andrea Leadsom at about the 7.00 minute mark in her speech to become PM.

Naturally I have doubts about what this "northern powerhouse" project is, but I must admit I did feel a swell of emotion at the mention of Sunderland, from all of the other northern cities she could have mentioned. Having grown up fairly close to Sunderland, my grandparents being from there and having done my A-levels in Sunderland at what was formerly Bede College, it's a place that will always be an inalienable part of who I am, even though I may be thousands of miles away on the other side of the world. It was a town that contributed greatly to the Industrial Revolution, to the Durham Light Infantry and to merchant trade around the world through the 20th century via its' shipbuilding industry, but Sunderland has long been lying in decay and stagnation for decades.

It is however, still Sunderland.

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