Wednesday, 27 July 2016

The New Despotism

On the front page of today's Telegraph there is a news item about yet another Islamotard murdering a priest in Saint-Etienne-du-Rouvray - yet again, France. There is also on the front page of today's Telegraph an article about the producer of British children's cartoon "Fireman Sam" apologizing for a scene in which the character Elvis slips on a sheet of paper supposedly from the Koran.

England, France and Germany are going to be repeatedly attacked by Islamotards because there is in all three countries a prevailing culture of political correctness, as evinced in the case of England by the Fireman Sam story. It is that culture which stays the government's hand in retaliating against the Islamotards by, for example, bulldozing their mosques, expelling their Wahabbi preachers and imposing stricter immigration controls specifically on Muslims and people from Islamic countries.

How long the present order of political correctness can last is uncertain, but that it must come to an end is abundantly clear. One precept above all immediately recommends itself for future conduct.

Never apologize for justified expressions of contempt, hatred and disgust however crude they may be. 

Should the powers that be threaten to cancel your show, dare them to do it. Should the powers that be threaten to censor you or impose bans on you, let them do it. The despotism of political correctness must be challenged directly, repeatedly and from all directions until it collapses.


  1. yes, it's terrible but as long as the government does not really take drastic action nothing will change. Especially with Holland!

  2. Hollande is not a good leader, and he needs to leave. If the government continues to do nothing, then it's possible some people will start acting to defend themselves and to "defend the country". That's going to be very nasty.


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