Sunday, 29 May 2016

Keeping An Eye On Tseng-wen Reservoir (曾文水庫)

The Crested Serpent Eagle that spotted me on my way down the little known Kaohsiung 147 into the valley east of Tseng-wen reservoir.
Some photographs from yesterday's trip to Tseng-wen reservoir and certain of its environs. I don't have time for a proper write up and have just added captions to the photos. It was a good day...

Afternoon view over the reservoir's mid-way point: judging by the green bay, the reservoir is still probably about a half to two-thirds full, which is remarkable for this time of year before the summer rains have arrived.
The other feeder river on the western shoreline. I have yet to explore that.
The floating barge used as a dock for the tourist boats to feed the wild boars; note the path to the left. It was that barge that gave me my "misadventure" just over a year ago.
Somebody down at the bay. That water level has another six to eight meters to fall before the reservoir reaches the drought level seen in spring 2015.
Looking northward down into the first of two valleys to the east of Tseng-wen reservoir. Aside from the road scaling the escarpment above, this valley is untouched by human development and still wild.
Looking southward into the corresponding valley on the other side of the road; there are a few minor farms scattered in the far distance but nothing else. 
Some more shots of that crested serpent eagle who watched me gingerly rolling down the steep track in neutral.
Look at him; he just doesn't give a fuck does he? Magnificent.
Time to go kill something.
Myself at the west mouth for the second of two trans-basin diversion tunnels. When I was here in January last year, this was still an active construction site with the TBM sitting on tracks just outside here. What is happening now I am not sure; either the entire project has been cancelled, or there is a temporary halt until the winter when water levels lower and a new weir and entrapment pen can be constructed on the other side in Namaxia district.
My motorbike parked where the TBM once stood last year.
Overflow stilling basin, now full of eutrophic run-off from the tunnel. Plenty of mosquitoes.
Through the bars on the tunnel mouth - is that light in the distance?
Yes; light at the end of the tunnel; measuring the distance on google earth gives a value of just over 4 kilometers.
Since last month, a new section of steel tubing has been added to the "elephant-nose" being constructed for the new sluiceway at the front of Tseng-wen reservoir. 
A cork-stopper has been added to the front like some sort of giant wine bottle.
Kites; they completely dominate the back end of Tseng-wen reservoir and I almost never see eagles when the kites are around.
If I had more time, better patience and better luck, I'm sure I could get even better pictures of these birds. Camera shy they are not.
A wide-angle panorama shot of the "second bay", the one where the kites like to hang out. 
A fishing boat in the distance traversing the length of the reservoir; they did not stop at the floating platform anchored in the second bay.
Three of them with their boat slightly weighed down by heavy boxes.
Nervous prisoner: possibly the mother of the little one I had fed last time I was here. She barked at me out of fear and nervousness, not aggression - you can see it in her eyes.
I left fresh water and several packets of beef jerky for her which she began to ate once I was back on my motorbike and about to leave.
I had previously suspected this old house of being abandoned, but there were clothes hanging up on a washing line to dry and several other dogs were here too, so someone must still live here even if they aren't there when I arrive.

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