Monday, 22 February 2016

Wanwan: Poisoned Again

A  phone picture of Wanwan a few weeks ago at one of two local parks. At the other park earlier tonight he ate what was probably rat poison (phosphorous) left behind by the old people in the park. 
Right now he is on an overnight intravenous drip at the vet's to try to wash as much of the poison out of his system as possible. I have no idea how much he ate, but I got him to the vet's as quickly as possible. Hopefully, it was a tiny amount and he will survive. I will be there first thing in the morning before the vets arrive. But... I am very worried.

Both Wanwan and his brother Shaobai were poisoned in the same area two years ago in March 2014. On that occasion I was able to save Wanwan, but not Shaobai. At the moment I am not thinking about anything else, but I will eventually turn my attention to the people who did this.

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