Saturday, 23 January 2016

Comment Removed At Michael Turton's Blog

As below. Polite tone and reasonable argument is insufficient if you don't have your Lefty license. It is characteristic of Turton to treat comments with a capricious whim. Sometimes they are allowed, and sometimes they get pulled - with no principle given as to allow prediction.



Turton suggests that one of the problems for the KMT is that whereas local DPP controlled administrations are competent, their own are incompetent. This may or may not be true, but mere assertions of DPP competence in local government cannot seriously be considered as evidence. Unless you're of a certain mind.

Moreover, I have reason to think the assertions of DPP competence might be wrong. The persistent fly-tipping in the Tainan city parks I use suggests that such competency is at least questionable. Personally, I think it is a strong indication of incompetence.

A second point is that since Tainan doesn't have the crowding and other problems of Taipei and Taichung, this suggests that simple preferences for living in Tainan cannot be exhibited as evidence of DPP competence in administration.

That's a more succinct version of what I was trying to say.


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