Saturday, 19 December 2015


"Taipei is to become the nation’s first city to abolish a rule observed by elementary schools since 1975 that asks students to work on school assignments during their summer and winter vacations... " 
"...Department Commissioner Tang Chih-min (湯志民) said the cancelation of the assignments would help to create a “student-oriented” learning environment, thereby helping pupils to cultivate independent thinking."
Which is more ridiculous - that such a rule still exists across the rest of Taiwan's elementary schools, or the claim that students will learn to think for themselves as a result of abolishing this rule? The kids were just playing computer games anyway and either not doing the stupid homework or doing it carelessly, so nothing much is going to change.

All that really changes is a few politicians get to play at being modernizing "reformers" for a day to a bit of half-arsed media attention.


  1. They already have enough homeworks like that and after school they go to buxiban..and all are so expensive..


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