Thursday, 21 May 2015

"Rain Check"

Slept like a baby last night in which I dreamed, among other ponderous things, that Sunderland once again won the FA Cup. Awoke in too dozy a state this morning to do much else but chores, light reading and the walking of the six intelligent beasts. Coco loves the rain and splashing around in the standing water between the trees in the park. As does our new addition, Erjhen.

It began raining here in Tainan city early yesterday evening (sometime before 6pm) and that rain has thankfully continued, albeit in fits and starts and periods of light drizzle, through last night and into today. Sustained rainfall from now and over the next week or two would be most welcome, despite the more difficult driving conditions this would bring. However, I don't expect the rain to last more than a few days.

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