Thursday, 28 May 2015

FIFA Corruption

And so this morning breaks with news that Swiss investigators, in cooperation with the FBI, have arrested a number of FIFA officials and have indicted a number of former FIFA officials. That list does not (yet) include the president Sepp Blatter, but it does include former vice-president "the clown" Jack Warner.

When the 2006 World Cup was awarded to Germany rather than England, it was still possible to believe this decision was reached on merit, but when the 2010 World Cup was awarded to South Africa, a country that did not even have the necessary infrastructure at the time the decision was made, it was obvious what was going on. The subsequent awarding of future World Cups to Russia (2018) and, quite unbelievably, Qatar (2022) made this all the more obvious; there is no way that either of those two countries could claim to have a superior ability to host a World Cup than either England, where the tournament hasn't been hosted since 1966, or any other European country such as Portugal or Sweden.

It's been obvious for years what FIFA actually was - a criminal organization masquerading as a governing institution for international football.

One comment that should be made is the likely necessity of turning out everything on Sepp Blatter. If he stays on as president, with the election due tommorow, it will be impossible for FIFA to retain even the slightest public credibility. It is rather difficult to believe that this man, who has been president of FIFA for a span of years (25) not unlike that of an Arab dictator, has all along remained innocent of any sort of corruption whatsoever.

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