Wednesday, 20 August 2014

I Need A New "Big" Bike

For some time now, actually the better part of this year and the back end of last year, I've been having various irritating problems with what I call my "big bike" (big because it is physically bulky and heavy despite only being a dinky little 150cc). The electrics keep giving out on me despite a new battery, the suspension needs to be entirely replaced and the carburetor has been having "hiccups" for a while now. I've had it with the bloody thing. To be fair though, I've had a good six years of service out of it, which is probably pretty good for NT$30,000 (I bought it second hand in excellent condition back in 2008).

So for now it's sitting in my garage acting as a repository for my various other bits of kit. However, reality needs to be faced eventually and that reality is that it needs to be replaced at some point. For the moment, I have my little Kymco 125cc scooter which I use for work and errands and my little SYM 125cc motorbike up in Hsinchu for reservoir trips. If that little Kymco has a problem then I'm stuck with no other option but calling taxis, and it is not exactly suited to long trips out to the mountains down here in the south.

The big bike needs to be replaced, and I've been giving it some thought; what I'd like to buy is not another large scooter and certainly not a dirt bike or street racer or anything like that. What I want is something like my SYM "wolf" up in Hsinchu, with its standard rider position, but a bit bigger with more power. But I don't want to go through the nightmare of having something imported (obscene taxation and regulation costs), and I don't want to end up with a "Venox", which is the 250cc V-twin cruiser offered by Kymco*. What I'd like to have is something like an old Suzuki GT or that new Yamaha SR400. Something that looks and feels like a farmer's motorbike and is mechanically simple and easy to maintain, but which also has a bit more kick than the typical Kymco Grand King 150cc. I might head out to the Yamaha store tommorow to ask if they will sell an SR in Taiwan or something similar. It also occured to me to buy a new Grand King and swap the engine for a 200cc, but I'm not sure if it will fit and it's probably not something I'd have the time or money to bother with anyway.

That Yamaha SR would be ideal, but even if they do sell it in Taiwan I suspect it is going to be very pricy.

*The Venox is very heavy and underpowered and the parts quality is not very good apparently; it's also extremely tacky in appearance (horrible decals) and they only offer it in three colours, none of which I like (black, red, and dark grey). Even the Kymco dealer warned me against buying it and recommended the smaller KTR instead.


A second hand dealer in Taipei has a 2008 Triumph Bonneville for sale... only NT$58,800. That would do the trick, except that parts would be a nightmare to get hold of.

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  1. if it were 58,800.00 i would buy it right now.
    looks like it is rather 588,000.00 !


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