Sunday, 17 August 2014

Another Trip To Hsinchu & Miaoli: Baoshan Second Reservoir & Yongheshan Reservoir Water Entry Points

I took the train up to Hsinchu again this morning and managed to accomplish two things. First, and this was my main objective for the day, I got clear shots of the water entry point into Baoshan Second reservoir and was well pleased that I was able to do so. Here it is...

I will not go into details, but getting these shots was not straightforward, though in the end it did prove to be easier than I had thought. At the moment, Baoshan Second reservoir is full so what you see here is the top of a cascading slope punctuated by baffling blocks all the way down, only the top three of which are visible in the shot below...

After having accomplished my main feat for the day, I had a couple of ice creams in Beipu village and then made my choice of what to do next. I could either do more exploratory work at Emei Lake, or I could try to improve upon the crappy shots of the water entry point to Yongheshan reservoir that I took a couple of years ago. I chose to head south to Yongheshan reservoir. One thing I found was that the path I had originally taken two years ago doesn't seem so familiar now - some of the surrounding overgrowth had been cut, but some of it has grown monstrously such that what I did last time was no longer possible. Instead I headed back out onto the ring road and followed a little farmers' lane down to the water edge, and, after a bit of "manoeuvring", I was able to get some clear shots further down where the water actually enters the reservoir per se...

There was a lot of debris floating around there, much of it driftwood, though there was also some plastics. I managed to finish off this second little mission and get back to the bike before the downpour arrived. I raced back through Sanwan, Beipu and Zhudong back to Hsinchu city and managed to outrun the storm. For a nice change I was even able to take the earlier 4.33pm train back to Tainan.

There is a lot more I could say about today's work, but I'm so tired I can barely keep my eyes open.

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