Tuesday, 1 July 2014

The Sublime As Revealed Through Aviation Photography

I may have posted this before but it doesn't matter. I was reminded of this stunning photograph (which I found here) after reading an article about civic crowdfunding to fund the starved Ukrainian army here, linked to at Samizdata, wherein one of the commenters remarks about a crowdfunded effort (19 million quid!) to keep an Avro Vulcan flying for a few years.

But look at that picture: anti-flash white. It must have been a rare pleasure to the photographer who actually took that shot to reflect on it afterwards. That immensely powerful plane was once Britain's prime nuclear deterrent to the ambitions of the USSR. To me, that image of the Vulcan is a tantalizing hint as to just how great the British aerospace industry might have gone on to become if it hadn't been effectively sabotaged by the stupid decisions of British politicians and the odious chicanery of the U.S. government in the TSR2 episode.

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