Saturday, 5 July 2014

FAO: Canadian Commenter "Stop Ma"

"Mike Fagan, You should actually read the articles you link to."
I reproduce my brief reply here on the expectation that Turton will nix it...


I did read it, you twit. Your characterization of Canada's "Liberal Party" as centre-right and the NDP as "left of centre" is meaningless without reference to political principles.

Your apologies are just you preening before an imagined audience whom you imagine to give a fuck. Newsflash: nobody gives a fuck that the Canadian government did X and that you just happen to be Canadian. Are you expecting lynch mobs out to look for Canadians or something? Why would you insult the Taiwanese people by presuming their belief in the nonsense of collective guilt and then groveling before it?


For future reference: I use "commie" to talk about those, of whichever official party, who seek to expropriate (i.e. steal) other peoples' values for the good of the community, or as it is alternatively sloganized, "social justice". The term "commie" is diminutive (to take the piss), but it's also reasonably accurate in the sense that "community" is the apex concept in your ethics, rather than individual liberty. And that is why you people cannot be called "liberals".


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