Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Puppies (Again)

That's what was waiting for me this morning at the little park behind my house. I had just got back from work and on the first trip with Wanwan and Coco, I didn't notice them but on the second trip with Tinkerbell, Gunny and Black & White I did notice them because all three of my dogs went over to check them out.

They had been abandoned in a cardboard box and left with a bowl of some shitty-looking dog food. After walking my three dogs, I went back outside to the park with Shao Bai's green dinner bowl to give them some water and take pictures. I will try to find someone to adopt them, but of course, I do not expect to find anyone willing to take them given the usual Taiwanese attitudes toward dogs.

It did occur to me that word might have gotten round the area of "the foreigner with five dogs" and that that may be the reason whomever abandoned these pups chose to abandon them in this park. In other words, because of me.

Later... I forgot to add: all three puppies are female. I've sent messages out to one or two people already, and will talk to the other dog owners at the park later tonight.


Update: fortunately I was wrong - somebody adopted the dogs earlier this evening. Thank goodness.

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